Truths & Myths

The Truth about “Truths & Myths about Kangen Water”

There is one thing I have to get off of my chest!

There are hundreds of people who are trying to sell ionizing machines, other than the Kangen. They are using this “Common Myths about Enagic and Kangen Water” article. If you have done your research, I know you have seen this article used by several websites, selling different ionizing machines. This was written originally by a person from Jupiter. Representatives from all other companies have been copying and pasting this article to their website and putting their product in place of the existing. I guarantee you 99% of the people using this have done NO RESEARCH to back this up. The 1% that did do research, either didn’t do enough or was untruthful.

By the way, there is no one in The Chanson family of reps that uses this article as it is an invalid marketing tool. In fact it is prohibited as a guideline for Chanson Reps.

I HAVE done the research and I WILL tell you the truth.

Please be ready to take a few minutes, as this is a lengthy analysis because it needs to be.

The first and foremost truth is-

There are truths and myths about all the machines.

All represenatives, including Enagic reps, have just twisted and turned the words to work for their own product and against their competitors. It essentially has become like a bad political race. They will do or say anything to win your vote or buy their product. I am selling more than one machine, or at least the ones that I have found to be the best based on several criteria. I wont be using your standard so called “comparison tests” or charts showing different characteristics. I will be making different points and discuss different angles that will truly expose what is going on out there.

Let me completely clarify this for you!

I am giving you an un-biased opinion of these machines, even though I have the Enagic and actually recommend other machines othe than gthe Enagic. I offer a few other machines, becuase I feel comfortable with the company and the machines they make. It may sound like I am pro Enagic or Chanson, but it is only because I am exposing what has frustrated me for so long.

Here is the Common Myths statement that I copied and pasted, just like everyone else has done for their websites. 99% of the people posting this article have never done any tests or investigation, so they are relying on someone’s information for whom they don’t even know or have not even spoken too. I have highlighted the text from the article. The non-highlighted text is the clarification of each statement.

Again, I urge you to do your homework. This article is everywhere on different sites.

I also want to re-iterate that I am not here to put down any one company although it may sound like it sometimes. I am only here to tell you my experiences that I had in trying to decide which machine to get.

Here is the infamous myth article. This particular article is being used by a LifeIonizer representative.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the unique and health-giving benefits of Kangen water. This interest in Kangen water coincided with the push into the alkaline water market by the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company Enagic.This article is written with the intention to address some of what is been said on other web sites and in public meetings, so that customers wanting the best value for their money, are able to make an informed opinion about “Kangen water” without the hype.

Kangen Water – Myths & Facts

Common Mythson5 EditRegion7

Kangen water is different from alkaline, ionized water.

Kangen water is better than alkaline, ionized water.

Enagic units and Kangen water are recognized and approved by the Japanese Health Department, unlike other ionizers.

Well known authorities on ionized water endorse or recommend Enagic ionizers.

Kangen or Enagic ionizers cost more because they are better.

Enagic has been marketing “Kangen water” for 30 years.



All ionizer manufacturers claim their ionization process is superior to others because of the composition, amount and/or size of the electrolysis plates inside. The only real way to determine the efficacy of a water ionizer is through its performance, which can be determined by testing the pH and Oxidation Reduction Potential for both the alkaline and acidic water produced.

The only tactic that is being used by these companies is numbers. They make no mention of company structure, warranty and maintenance service, headquarter accessiblity and QUALITY OF BUILD. Actually, I did find a video that compared the internals of three machines, however, they decided not to include the Enagic. Could it be becasue they dont want to expose the quality of build difference. Click here for that video

The key to obtaining a true “Apples to Apples” comparison is to perform tests on water coming from the same source. Side by side tests were conducted on the Kangen LeveLuk SD 501 and the Life Ionizers 5000 using tap water from Carlsbad, California. The Kangen ionizer used was only a few weeks old and the Life Ionizer 5000 has been heavily used in our corporate headquarters for over five months. Based on the results, the Life Ionizer 5000 is clearly superior to the Kangen ionizer with six (6) times the alkalization and much stronger ORP (251% stronger). We want to make it clear that the results of any ionizer will depend upon the source water. The source water can vary from hour to hour as the base pH and ORP ratings are affected by the minerals and chemicals in the water and those can change at any time. Another point is that pH is measured with the logarithmic scale so the difference between a pH of 8 and a pH of 9 means that the latter is ten (10) times stronger.

What is the truth

I can tell you, FOR A FACT, that the LifeIonizer getting 251% more –ORP over the Enagic is a COMPLETE LIE. It can be dangerous guaranteeing anything on the internet, but I am.

The thing that really disappoints me about LifeIonizers, is that this is not a rep spilling misguided information, as so many reps do for all companies. This test came from LifeIonizers headquarters and was reported by them. I know this because I actually visited their headquarters in Carlsbad since I live in Orange County. They gave me a brochure stating this exact test. I have seen their machine in action. I will explain why side by side tests are very easily twisted, turned and manipulated. Before I do, let’s go over what they are claiming. In their pamphlet, they state that their machine achieved a -806 ORP at an 11.4 pH and that the Enagic achieved only -320 ORP at 10.8.

I will personally guarantee this is completely incorrect.

I will honestly sit here and tell you I have achieved up to 11.8 with a mid -800 ORP along with a low pH of 2.1. That is the honest truth! I have also acheived as low as 2.4 and as high as 11.5 with the Chanson without the saline enhanced process like the Enagic has. In fact, I would invite any of you into my home and show you the rediculous deception that is happenning in this article, and all over the internet for that matter. In fact, I would invite Rick (The owner of Lifeionizers) into my home to test these machines side by side. But I know that wont happen,

However, what is also the truth is that I rarely achieve those levels. In fact, I consistently average 11.3 from -700 to -800 at the high pH button level and 2.3 to 2.6 at the low acid buttonwith both machines. At the 9.5 drinking water level, I average between -400 and -630 consistently, which is right where you want to be. All the while, I currently have no pre-filter, even though I should.

What they don’t tell you!

As I said before, side by side tests can be easily twisted, turned and manipulated. Here is why.

First, as they claim above, the quality of water going into the machine greatly affects the quality of ionization. If you scroll back, they claim their machine was five months old and heavily used at their headquarters in Carlsbad. I told you a short while ago that I visited their headquarters in Carlsbad. Their heavily used machine happens to be connected to a complete Reverse Osmosis system, with a three stage filter and a re-mineralization chamber. Therefore the quality of the water going into the machine is superior to tap water. Unless they did a pretty extensive modification to that system, the only way to hook up the Enagic is by attaching it the faucet. This means it did not go through the extensive pre filtering system as their machine had. That gives any machine a distinct advantage. Additionally, they would have needed to run both machines at the exact same time, getting the water at he exact same flow rate,from the exact same source to get a true side by side test. I am sure they would say they did, but I guarantee the Enagic would have achieved superior numbers to the ones they claim with the R.O.’d and filtered water. Even if the Enagic was hooked up to just tap water, it would have achieved superior numbers to the ones they claim.

This test is BOGUS and a complete LIE!.

Another way to affect ionization is through water flow. If you recall, I told you that I had actually achieved a high of 11.8 and a low of 2.1. However, that was at a very slow flow rate. I guarantee you that the numbers achieved by LifeIonizers, if achieved, were achieved by the same process by slowing water flow through the machine.

So, Here is what would have to happen for a “side by side” test to be truly accurate. in addition to getting the water from the exact same source, at the exact same time, they would also have to have the flow rate exactly the same. Did all of this actually happen? With the numbers they reported for the Enagic, I guarantee not. I am not going to dispute the numbers their machine reportedly achieved. However, if they are not truthful on one end, are they truthful on the other?

Unfortunately, you have to be skeptical about any so called “side by side test” you see on the the internet. Some people may have even innocently performed the test wrong. ((% of the people out there have not even performed these tests. Update! – 4-17-08 – You can now find various comparison sites on the internet. Again, the numbers that are being reported about the Enagic machine are completely false. Instead of me getting into the number slinging game with them, I would like you to consider this. Take some time and try to find these comparisons. Here are some things you will and will not find. You wont really find any comparisons that consistently list a particular machine as the best. There is no consistency. You also wont find any specific names or companies that performed these tests. You will see things like “We performed” and “We tested”, but they wont say who “We” are. For the most part, it is because these companies are putting out these bogus comparisons themsleves and putting their machine at the top.

What you also will not find is a comparison that rates the Enagic higher. It has nothing to do with it not being he best, its just that Enagic reps are not concerned with this game that is being played on the internet. They dont need too because of the results the machine gets. In fact, the marketing plan for the machine is to give people water, That’s it! Think about it. Have actually seen any sites selling the Enagic machine. hardly any if you have. The machine is the number one selling machine to date simply by letting people drink the water. They are not really using the internet.

Here is what you will find. In amost all of the comparisons, the Enagic is rated as good or just slightly under the top rated machine for any particular site. In fact, some tests are solely done against the Enagic. All this is telling you is that they are admitting that the Enagic is the top machine, and they are trying to compare themselves to it. I have listed a few of these under the title page button Comparisons are Bogus.

What matters as much as the quality of the water, is the consistency for which the machine produces quality water over a long period at a time.

So, in a world where you can’t actually do a side by side test with all the machines without spending thousands of dollars, the true side by side test you can do is look at the machine itself and understand what makes a machine better. Click Here for more information.

Continuing the article.

With all that said, the bottom line is that the LIFE Ionizers give you:

Highest pH

Twin Filters

Undercounter Units

Patented “CS” – the Chamber System for optimum results

The best news is that the Life is less than half the price of the cheapest Kangen ionizer and also available in an under counter model too!

The truth of this claim– This is all true. However, since you truly need to pre-filter you water before it goes into the machine, having two filters does you no good and only adds to the maintenace cost of the machine itself.

Myth One: Kangen water is different from alkaline, ionized water.

Fact: The word “Kangen” in Japanese means “return to origin” and is simply a marketing term. The Enagic water ionizer contains a filter and ionizing chamber just like all other alkaline water ionizers. Also Enagic ionizers create the same type of alkaline and acidic water as created by all other water ionizers. The ionizing chamber in the Enagic uses the same technology as do all other water ionizers to split the water into acid and alkaline streams. Kangen water is simply another name for ionized, alkaline water. Nowhere will you be able to find a definition of Kangen water that is different than alkaline water because there is not any.

In trying to make a difference where there is none, an Enagic representative’s web site says, “technically, in order to be classified as Kangen water, it needs to show a negative ORP in the range of -200mV to -450mV, while typical Ionized Alkaline Water shows anywhere between +100mV and -100mV, depending on the quality of the machine”. The cheap copy ionizers from China can get at least a -100mV ORP reading and LIFE ionizers can get over -800mV.

That been said, Enagic through its MLM is doing a fantastic job of introducing the concept of alkaline and acid (kangen) water to people who would otherwise not know about it.

Truth about this statement– Kangen water is alkalized or ionized water

Myth about this statement– All alkalized or Ionized water is Kangen water.

Let me clarify.

What the truth is

“Kangen” simply is as a trademark of Enagic. Since the SD501 acheives a cetain level of measurement with the water it produces, one could argue that Kangen Water requires three properties of the water to achieve a certain level. These properties are its Anti-oxidant strength (-ORP), its pH level and its level of micro-clustering. However, it does not mean other macines cannot acheive the same qulaity water. Japanese hospitals and doctors prescribe “Kangen” water as a medicinal treatment product. They qualify Kangen water for its anti-oxidant strength or (-ORP) to be between 350 and 500 with a ph of around 9 to 9.5. It is not possible to test for micro-clustering by an instrument, but its micro-clustering is as important as anything. These hospitals do not use just any alkalized water. Howver, they will use any water that measure out at levels that are similar to “Kangen Water.” Chanson acheives “Kangen Water” levels as well.

In this particular add, they are trying to promote the Life-Ionizer product. They said that their machine can get up to -800. In optimal water conditions, I bet they can. Remember, their machine is hooked up to the R.O., three filter and mineralization system. What they do not say is that they are getting that number when they create their high pH water. You do not drink high pH water, therefore that the high – ORP number becomes irrelevant. The Enagic and Chanson always gets those numbers and the Jupiter occassionally can get that number on the high pH setting. However, high negative ORP doesn’t matter at this setting since you are not drinking this water.

What does matter is the level of its –ORP in accordance to its pH level.

Hopefully, I can explain this good enough for you to understand it. This means that when you pour 9.5 water, the higher the –ORP at that level, the better quality of the water. So, they actually have to be able to get both machines to pour exactly 9.5 pH water, and then test the –ORP. Only then could you tell which water is better. That can be very difficult to do.

Now, Life Ionizers is more than likely made by the same company who makes the Jupiter machines. I was able to do a side by side test with the Jupiter Melody and you can find that information by clicking here.

Myth Two: Kangen water is better than alkaline, ionized water.

Fact: There are two ways the quality of kangen or alkaline water are measured – by how acid or alkaline the water becomes (pH) and by how much ionization occurs (ORP).

Independent tests carried out by ex-Enagic representatives (concerned about the high prices been charged), showed that the LIFE Ionizers produced higher ORP (negative ionization) than the Enagic model and when salt was added to the LIFE 3000, it produced a stronger acidic water than that achieved by the Enagic.

Unfortunately when there are very high prices there is also a need to justify the difference – hence the hype such as in the following from an Enagic distributor:”This water technology is practically non-existent outside Japan. … Even worse, there are some people who are trying to sell cheaper Ionized Alkaline Water machines as if they were at the same or a similar level as with the Kangen Water machines, only cheaper.”

The truth about this statement – I already covered the difference between Kangen and Alkaline water

Moving on….

Myth Three:  Enagic units and Kangen water are recognized and approved by the Japanese Health Department, unlike other ionizers.

Fact: In the 1980s the Japanese Health Department recognized that ionized alkaline water (Kangen water) from water ionizers had proven health benefits and described water ionizers as health devices. Nowhere did any Government say specifically that Enagic units were the ones approved. Below are examples of comments from an Enagic web site and ones that are often voiced. Also note that the LIFE Ionizers have approval of the Korean Health Department as this government agency is aware of the health benefits of ionized alkaline water.

“The Enagic is approved by The Japan Ministry of Health, as a top quality medical device” or “Enagic units and Kangen water are recognized and approved by the Japanese Health Department”. Major corporations in Japan such as Hyundai, LG and Samsung all have approval from the Japan Ministry of Health.

Truth about this statement

No Japanese government agency has approved Enagic machines as a whole.

The deeper truth

The The Japanese Ministry of Health has, however, approved the Enagic LeveLuk SD501 as a medical device. The Japanese Ministry of Health is kind of like our consumer reports. They are a non-profit group that elects only one product per service or purpose, as the best on the market. That is why other companies like Hyundai, LG and Samsung are on there as well, but for different types of products.

You will not see any other ionizer on their list.

If we want to get into governments that approve this machine, let’s do so.

The Canadian government does approve one machine to be purchased as a medical device.

That machine would be the LeveLuk SD 501.

Moving on….

Myth Four: Well known authorities on ionized water endorse or recommend Enagic ionizers.

Fact: The best known authorities in the USA such as Dr. Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle), Dr. Theodore Baroody (author of Alkalize or Die), and Sang Whang (author of Reverse Aging) all recommend and sell water ionizers because they want to give their customers high quality Kangen or alkaline water ionizers at an honest price, but none of these famous authors sells the Enagic. Other well know alkaline authorities that endorse water ionizes include Daniel Reed (author of The Tao of Detox), Harald Tietze (author of Youthing) and Ian Hamilton (author of The Untold Truth…) – none of them mention Enagic. If Enagic is such an old established, reputable company offering technology that is so much better than what other ionizer companies can offer for much less – then where are their credible spokespersons?

The truth about this statement – There is none.

I guarantee that none of these doctors would tell anyone to not use the Enagic machine.

They would absolutely say the machine is good. When considering why they are not promoting these machines themselves to sell, you must consider one very important thing.

They are all interested in making money.

Since this product is not covered by any medical insurance in America, of course the cheaper machine would be an easier sell.

However, when medical insurance or a government is willing to purchase the machine as a medical device, you would think they would want the cheapest. However, the Canadian government felt the Enagic was the best machine on the market even though it was the most expensive.

If we want to list doctors who do promote the Enagic machine, let’s start with Dr. Hiromi Shinya. Dr. Shinya is inventor of the colonoscopy and is considered the best doctor in his field. He is Professor of Surgery at The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and id the Chief of Endoscopy at The Beth Israel Medical Center in New York. (To see Dr. Shinyas colon video Click Here).

Other doctors who promote this machine are Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Dave Mushari. Those are the doctors I know of at this point. I am quite certain that there are several others promoting the Enagic product. Now, Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Dave Mushari promote and sell the Enagic machine, so maybe their interest is vested as well. However, they would not recommend avoiding other machines if someone’s heart was set on another machine. They do feel Enagic is the best on the market.

Dr. Carpenter, in particular, actually sold the Jupiter units for a while. However, he claims that after not experiencing great results, he changed to the Enagic machine and testifies to getting great and immediate results.

So, as you can see, there are doctors on both sides of the fence.

Bottomline, there is no doctor who would tell you to not use the Enagic machine or any machine for that matter.

Update! 4-17-08 – Dr. Robert Young is now under lawsuit with Lifeionizers because Lifeionizers put Dr. Youngs name on their box, reportedly, without his permission.

In my experience, the ultimate spokespersons are the people themselves who have the machines and drink the water.

People who have bought and used the SD501 and Chanson machines and are mostly people who don’t sell machines. I am hearing incredible, almost unbelievable health stories about people who have backed up their claims with medical documentation and bringing in their doctors to meetings that were astonished. I have also heard good storiies with the Jupiter line too.

Moving on…

Myth Five: Kangen or Enagic ionizers cost more because they are better.

Fact: The LIFE 6000 and the LIFE 5000 are priced between $1195 & $1895 and offer some important user friendly features that are missing with the Enagic. The LIFE 7000, priced at $1995, is an undercounter model…Enagic does not even offer this great option. Certain alkaline water ionizers are better and stronger than others and the Enagic range are decent models, but when you have a MLM company that pays eight levels down you have to create an artificially high price because Enagic and up to eight representatives need to make money from every single sale. Again, look at the comparison charts to see that the LIFE models outperform the Enagic.

Truths about this statement – The cost of the Life Ionizers is correct.

Myth about this statement.- Enagic is an MLM. See next statement

Enagic products are sold by MLM “reps” that typically do not have a thorough technical understanding of the properties of water, ionization and how the two together produce health benefits. There are exceptions; reps who have really rolled up their sleeves and educated themselves, but the fact remains that there is a lot of “bogus” information fed to people who have been to Enagic presentations. Going to a few MLM presentations does not make one an expert in something, especially something as complex and technical as ionization. Enagic “reps” are often innocently fed misinformation and led to believe in half truths.

Then these misinformed “reps”, who are motivated by the MLM dream, go forth and perpetrate these inaccuracies and mislead naïve customers into falsely thinking they are getting something of good value. The price of Enagic models has more to do with compensating the Enagic MLM reps than the actual cost or the comparative technology inherent in their ionizers. To verify that, simply ask Enagic about their compensation plan and see how much money is paid to the various levels of the network organization when one machine is sold.

Myth about this statement

Enagic is not a MLM company in a true definition. It is a direct sales company and is a member of The D.S.A or Direct Sales Association. However, the DSA specific purpose is to regulate MLM companies. So, this statement is true to some degree.

However, Enagic is a legitimate and established company who has main hubs around the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Orange County, Chicago, Honolulu and Canada.

Enagic DOES NOT PAY DOWN 8 PEOPLE, they pay up eight points. It is a huge difference and can be difficult to understand, even by an Enagic rep. I wouldn’t expect someone who probably has DONE ZERO RESEARCH to have even a remote understanding.

Remember, this article is copied and pasted by every other machine rep out there with a website.

Truth about this statement

“Some Enagic reps are not technical people and are not fully informed about certain items.”

What they are experts on are the results from the water they have drank and given to friends and family.

What they don’t tell you

All of the Ionizer machine companies are sold by reps.

All pay generous dividends to their reps per sale. Only they are really not as generous as one may think after considering a few things.

None of these companies advertise in the conventional forms such as TV. radio or publishing. They use reps to do their advertising for them. Therefore, they take their very expensive advertising dollars and forward it to the reps, and rightfully so. Every company’s representatives spend a great deal of time trying to push this product, often investing thousands of their own dollars to advertise. The good ones virtually become full time reps and spend thousands in websites, advertising, business cards and demonstrations. Let’s not forget about their time to do so. What is your time worth? They need those commissions to make a living. I dare anyone who thinks it is easy to promote and sell a machine that most of the US doesn’t know about, to sell a machine. It is hard!

I also guarantee you are paying a ton of money for advertising on all products you buy. Advertising is very, very expensive.

Truth about this statement

There is a lot of bogus information, just like this Myth article I am writing about.

Reps from all companies are putting out bogus information because they are not informed. They are only promoting the information from the person they purchased the machine from, or something they copied and pasted from the internet. It’s happening with all companies. This includes the rep and the company that this MYTH monologue came from. However, since Chanson is a new company and the owner is very aware or mis-leading marketing, he has taken prevenative steps to keep Chanson reps from marketing with incorrect or bad information.

Myth Six: Enagic has been marketing “Kangen water” for 30 years.

Fact: What became the Enagic brand was initially manufactured by Toyo Metal a/k/a Toyo Aitex who recently sold marketing rights to Enagic (also called the Thohan Kiden organization). Toyo Metal water ionizer were called the Apex, Pure Porte 11 or Protec units and these early models were manufactured by and sold for less much less than $1000 in the USA. A company called HydroAnalytics previously imported, distributed and did hands-on repairs on this unit from Japan for the US, Western Hemisphere and European market before it was withdrawn from the US market, presumably due to lack of market penetration. In Japan the Thohan Kiden organization manufactures units that are not sold through the Enagic MLM, for similar prices to other alkaline water ionizer in the US market. When you see so many mis-representations and falsehoods, this brings doubts to all statements issued by the Company itself and the MLM dreamers who want you to buy and sell their over priced ionizer.

Truth about this statement– Enagic simply has the rights to the Pure Porte 2 and the 7 plate version of this machine which is the sd501. The 5 plate machine was sold for around $1400 a while back.   The seven plate machine would obviously sell for more. Howver there is not doubt that the price has been greatly inflated because of payout structure. So, Eangic is tied to Toyo, and in fact is basically buying machines from Toyo and putting the Enagic sticker on it. In fact, the manufacturers label on the SD501 says Sansek. As far as we have been able to determine is that Sansek is a subsidiary of Toyo. Howver, Toyo is the leader in Ionizers and actually trains most other companies. So, this is no way that the SD 501 is any lease of quality. Toyo is a qulaity company and the SD 501 is a quality machine.Anyone compared the difference in gas costs between now and 20 years ago?

Moving on…

Here are some points to consider in comparing Enagic to LIFE Ionizer:

Filtration: LIFE’s filters are available in 0.1 micron and 0.01 micron levels of filtration. Both filters can have the option of coral calcium cartridges to improve performance (Enagic does not have a .01 Ultra filter). The LIFE ionizers offer two (2) filters with 12 stages of filtration for the highest level of purification available. They also come with a free water analysis, report & recommendations. Also included are a pre-filter to remove chlorine before it even enters the ionizer. LIFE even includes the pre-filter housing and has filters available to remove any impurities in your water.

Truth about this statement – Life machines do have two machines.

Myth about this statement– The .01 micron filter is good for filtration.

The .01 micron filter actually starts to filter some of the healthy minerals out of the water because it is so fine. The real items you want to worry about is fluoride, Arsenic, and lead. No company’s in-machine filters get rid of those toxins. You need to put a special pre-filter to get rid of those elements and those are the ones you really need to worry about.

So for the LifeIonizer, essentially you have to pay the cost of replacement of two filters that do not extract some of the main elements that you need to eliminate. The second filter is really worth much. This another attempt to try to seperate themselves from Enagic.

The filter life of the one Enagic is 3,000 gallons. Life ionizers are 600 and 900 gallons. I will let you do the math. I think you will find that over several years, you will be forking out thousands more in just filters with the LifeIonizers while getting no extra benefit. Remember, you still need a pre-filter for all machines

The Enagic also has a calcium port but generally is reserved for other country’s water.

Installation: The Enagic offers one way of installation – the counter top. The LIFE ionizers can be installed three ways: The LIFE 5000 installs on the counter top and can connect to the faucet or the line can go thru the counter top and connect below. The LIFE 7000 is designed to be an undercounter unit with its own faucet with two spouts and all controls on the faucet.

Enagic originally started out in hospitals as a medical device long ago, even if it was under a different name. The Japanese tend not to worry about a fancy look in the kitchen as opposed to quality and health and invest its dollars in a machine that works well as opposed to being pretty. Although I think this is somewhat of a mistake on Enagic’s part since some people will choose a machine solely on its looks.

Functionality: the LIFE 5000 has increased functionality in terms of a flow control valves (the Micro-dial ) that operates independently of the tap (Enagic is only controlled by tap). The more advanced LIFE models also have an LCD control panel screen which has various readouts and alarms.

The Jupiter has the same type of micro-dial. It is simply a valve used to flow water flow down. I do it just as easy with my faucet. Again, another meaningless gimmick.

Performance: The LIFE ionizers outperform the Enagic (see chart above).

Myth about this statement– I already covered what I know to be a bogus side by side test.

Cutting Edge Technology: LIFE’s latest models have new patented features to further distinguish them in value. Features like:

Life’s patented chamber system creates the highest pH and – ORP of any machine.

Life’s “micro-dial” system allows for fine tuning of pH and ORP levels to optimize performance (Enagic doesn’t have a control system other than the tap!).

The LIFE ionizers are also designed and optimized to operate in hard water.

As I mentioned before, I visited their headquarters and saw the performance of both machines. Their original machine actually out performed the new technology machine.

Manufacturing Standards: The LIFE manufacturer is ISO9001 certified, has CSA/UL (CUL) approvals, NRTL, CE approved by TUV and by KMPG (qualified medical device approval by Korean FDA), and has many other patents. The capacity of the plant is 100,000 units a month.

Truth about this statement – I am sure all of it is!

What they don’t tell you – I actually visited their site in Carlsbad. When I asked the owner who makes his machines, he wouldn’t tell me.

Here is why I believe he wouldn’t tell me.

The owner used to be the top sales rep at Jupiter sales. He is no special tech or doctor. The company that makes the Jupiter machine, Emco Tech is also the maker of several machines in the industry. They will allow anyone to sell a machine who wants to, and make a design of the Emco-tech technology. I believe that this is all he has done. He went to Emcho tech or a simlar company and started selling their machines with some modifications that he made. So essentially, the Life Ionizer machine is the general same technology that many of the other machines offer. Now, I cannot guarantee that, but since I was told I could see the inside of a machine, but ultimately couldn’t, and they wouldn’t tell me who makes their machine, I can only make an educated guess. There are other things that I have learned through reliable sources that I am not willing to post on this website. Feel free to email me to find out additional information on all machines.

Enagic and Chanson, however, are  OEM companies. This means Original Equipment manufacturer. They design, produce parts and manufacture the machine themselves, and each machine is hand made. They are not mass producing for several companies which can virtually guarantee quality control is much better.

Keep in mind the process of making the plates. The Korean companies are mostly spraying the platinum on the titanium. Enagic  and Chanson dips their plates which results in a thicker, better performing and longer lasting machine.

To watch a video discussing how The Enagic machine is built as opposed to others, please click here.

Reliability: LIFE has the lowest return rates for service in the industry (less than 2%). When something does need repair, the repair facilities are in the USA ensuring prompt service.

I cannot confirm or deny this, but I have spoken to a couple of reps who sells multiple machines as I plan to. I am told the return rate is much higher than reported. I am also told the reason why, but I am not going to divulge that information since I cannot confirm it myself. I can say that the reasons why are complimentary to my experience visiting their headquarters.

By the way, I know it sounds like I am trashing LifeIonizers. Please understand I am not. I am only stating facts as I have experienced them during my process of buying my machine. This just happened to be a LifeIonizer rep trying to promote the product. Update! 4-17-08 – I am trashing Lifeionizers because it is my opinion that they are not honest about several things.

To watch a video discussing how The Enagic machine is built as opposed to others, please click here.


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